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What is Islamic Economics?
27 Сентябрь 2023 ж.

Today there are different interpretations of the concept of “Islamic economy”. In particular, according to the famous Muslim economist Omar Chapra, Islamic economics is a branch of knowledge that helps people achieve prosperity through the distribution of scarce resources in accordance with the five Islamic values - without violating individual freedoms, without creating lasting macroeconomic and environmental imbalances, without weakening family bonds and damage to social solidarity, without the moral decay of society. It is obvious that for these tasks alone, Islamic economics pushes the limits of economic knowledge in their traditional understanding. In Muslim countries, the emergence of the term Islamic economics was associated with several important points: with the desire to build a modern economic system within the framework of Sharia, the formation of economic policies and theories that would suit and meet the actual needs of Muslim countries and would help them achieve economic development and progress. “Islamic economics is a science that explores the rules and regulations that determine human behavior in the process of earning and spending money, and explains the most optimal ways to use economic resources to satisfy human needs and realize legitimate desires, making him happy materially and morally under the guidance of the Koran and Sunnah "

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